Accu Cal Onsite Pipette Calibration and Documentation Services  
On-Site Pipet Repair & Calibration
Reliable pipet calibrations, dependable service, and NIST traceable certifications






Accu Cal is committed to providing the customer with Quality service at reasonable cost, nation-wide.

Our trained and experienced technicians travel to your laboratory, perform any repairs needed, calibrate your pipets, and provide the necessary documentation, traceable to NIST standards.

You save money and have fewer headaches because:

  • We are specialists in this process and its requirements.
  • You control the environment - your laboratory.
  • We customize SOP's, specifically for your organization. 
  • We do the repairs and the paperwork.
  • Your pipets are immediately available.
  • No need to pack and ship, and no shipping breakage losses.
  • We are responsible for training our technicians to our own high quality standards.
  • We maintain the calibrated and certified thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, and secondary weights.
For more details or to schedule an appointment, complete an Information Request or call us at 1-800-888-7754.

     onsite pipet repair and calibration

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